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About Antoinette 


After signing with Poolbeg in 2018, Antoinette published her debut novel Home to Cavendish, in 2019. Home to Cavendish is a fast-paced blend of historical and contemporary fiction. Moving between the Celtic Tiger and the Irish Civil War, it is set against the backdrop of the stately Cavendish Hall in Co. Cork.


The Secrets Left Behind, Antoinette's second novel, is currently on submission.

Here's a preview,


The Secrets Left Behind 


…The unmarried mother who keeps her child does not officially exist as a class as far as this State is concerned – Irish Women’s Liberation Movement pamphlet 1971

Hungry for scandal, the villagers of Rathmichael congregate in the grand Hatchwood house one last time. Before the night is over, the elusive Kate Millington will lie dead at the bottom of the Hatchwood stairs – her death opening a disturbing window into the past for three women.


Alice, Kate’s daughter, is faced with her grief for a mother who was forever distant. As the circumstances of Kate’s death, and her state of mind, are drawn into question, Alice struggles to understand the appalling truth about her mother’s past. 


In New York, a death bed secret brings Faith Cranston to Ireland, where news of a shocking accident in a rural community leads her to a discovery that will change her life forever.


Nancy Canning has only seen Kate from across the street in Rathmichael. Ashamed of her past, an overwhelming fear of human relationships drives everything Nancy does. As the news of Kate’s death spreads through the village, she is forced to overcome her fear of connection, and come to terms with the fact that the shame she feels may not be hers alone.


Over the course of a harsh Irish winter, the women battle misogyny and secrecy in a bid to uncover the truth about Kate’s life. But will they ever make peace with the devastating impact that truth will have on them all?


Antoinette studied English and History at NUI Maynooth, followed by a Higher Diploma in Communications. She runs her own business writing consultancy called GoWrite. Prior to establishing GoWrite, she worked as a public relations practitioner and copywriter in the public sector, and as a print and broadcast journalist. In her 'day job' she contributes to online news sites and writes newspaper features and business content for the private and public sectors. She is also an experienced ghostwriter.