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The Top 6 Things that stop me from Writing including what I am going to wear to the Emmy Awards

I recently wrote about finding the time to write a book, but sometimes finding the focus is a bigger problem. Yesterday, I sat at my laptop and wrote over three thousand words of the first draft of my second novel. I felt great afterwards and am really pleased with what I produced. It made me wonder why I don’t always have that dedication. The truth is, there are all sorts of distractions that get in the way of writing. Here’s the list of my top 6, mostly fun, distractions: 1. Social Media This is an obvious one. I sit at my laptop with a few spare hours stretching out in front of me. I tell myself I’ll quickly look at Twitter. Just to check in, you know? An hour later I have read some grea

Finding the Time to make the Time

This week I have been lucky to leave my normal routine and head to Kelly’s Hotel in Rosslare, Co. Wexford, for a much needed few days of rest and relaxation. The reason for this lovely mini-break is to celebrate my mother, Bridget’s 70th birthday. Her birthday was in May but as she is such a social butterfly, she’s only found time in her calendar to come away with me now! Taking time out of my every day routine is slightly different now that I am a soon-to-be published writer. This is the first holiday I’ve taken since Poolbeg offered me my book deal. Previous to this, I would have left work, put on my out of office and thought of nothing work-related until I return to my office next Monday.


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