Home to Cavendish

Home to Cavendish is the break-through debut novel from women’s fiction writer Antoinette Tyrrell. A heady mix of contemporary fiction and historical drama, this feel-good tale explores the power of female friendship and the surprising consequences of seeking friendship in the most unlikely places.


Set in rural Ireland, this fast-paced story moves between the corruption of the Celtic Tiger era and the turmoil of the Irish Civil War. Toxic relationships, isolation and the connection to home are some of the themes explored as Home to Cavendish draws the reader in and offers a front-row seat to the lives of the female inhabitants of the stately Cavendish Hall.


‘A lovely, sparkling debut’ – Cathy Kelly


‘As stunning a story inside as the cover is outside’ – Books of All Kinds


‘The Perfect Summer Read’ – Mrs. J Book Confessions


‘On the surface this is a feel-good novel but if you gently nudge you’ll see the strength of what’s been crafted underneath’ – Dymphna Nugent, BookNookTramore


‘Beautifully written, gentle and fluid’ – Margaret Madden, Bleachhouse Library