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I just signed a book deal!

Checking my phone every five minutes, are there any calls or email notifications? Stalking on Twitter, where are they, what are they doing and why haven’t they called me?

Signing my book deal

That has been my life for the past 5 months. I had written a manuscript for a novel, called Home to Cavendish and submitted it to publishers and agents in the hope of getting a book deal. Now, I was desperately waiting to hear those magical words,‘We want to publish your novel’.

Home to Cavendish is a work of women’s fiction. Weaving between 1922 and 2002, against the backdrop of the stately Cavendish Hall, it tells the story of two women, Elenore Stack and Lady Edith Cavendish.

Before Home to Cavendish, I wrote two other manuscripts. The first, when I was in my mid-twenties; it was terrible. The second, I was in my early thirties. Writing it made me feel better during a difficult time. It was therapy and it was less terrible, but still not right.

Despite this, the lovely Paula Campbell at Poolbeg Press showed interest and what ensued is embarrassing beyond belief. I have the emails to prove it.

January 25th 2010

Dear Paula,

Thanks for the opportunity to submit my full manuscript. I still have a small amount of work to do and will have it over to you in the next month.



April 7th 2010

Dear Paula,

Sorry for the delay, this is taking longer than I thought, I will be back to you asap.


July 15th 2010

Dear Paula,

Sorry again, but I am almost there. I am heading off on holidays in two weeks, I will definitely have the manuscript over to you before I go. Hope you’re enjoying the good weather.

Chat soon,


September 1st 2010

Dear Paula,

Finally, here it is. Sorry for the long delay, hope to hear from you soon.



She should have responded saying,